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Most people like a drink, some people live several, others have to be lying in the gutter choking on their own vomit before they understand they should not have very many more. Alcohol is not the only drug humans use for pleasure however, some smoke tobacco, others dope, hash, weed. Yet more pop pills, ecstasy or speed being favourites.

For years the government's nanny state department and the do - gooders, those handwringing, whining fascists who are sure their function in life is to save us from ourselves, have been trying to demonise cigarettes and abolish smoking. Now they have almost succeeded they are starting a propaganda campaign to make drinking just as anti - social.

What next?

Well red meat is on the menu for being taken off our menu. Fizzy drinks could come under attack. Food that tastes of anything. Playing risky sports, not playing risky sports and getting fat, tasty food, unprotected sex. Yes they are out to turn us all into unthinking automatons living in a monochrome world.

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The Lazy Pupils Examination Aid
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A Career In Substance Abuse
Inspirational Old Queen
A Generation Of Losers
Shock, Horror! Faqshion Model Takes Drugs Turning The Kids Into DrunksLong before The Daily Stirrer showed up on the web, when John, Xav and I used to get together in the pub to put the world to rights one topic that came up quite fequently was the demonisation of smoking. You watch," we'd say to each other and anyone else that might be listening, "these politically correct Nazis are on a world domination ...

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CREATIVE COMMONS: Attribute, non commercial, no derivs.
KEYWORDS: drink, booze, alcolhol, wine, beer, whisky, vodka, rum, cocktails, drunk, pissed, binge, satire, humour, humor

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Anarchy In The UK - and elsewhere.
An outbreak of rioting, violence and looting in Britain's inner city communities in August 2011 was described by the media as anarchy. But to dismiss what was simple criminality as anarchy disrespects a well thought our political philosophy. In the real world anarchism would be unworkable as a system of government but the ideas it offers us are a powerful antidote to the control freakery of the political and corporate establishment.

IBM Develop Computer Chips To Replicate The Human Brain
Todays main story deals with an old chestnut that resurfaces ever two or three years. Some scientists dream of creating life in a test tube or growing human clones for spare parts. Others dream of using drugs or chip implants to turn us into unthinking automatons. And still more want to build machines that think like us and have human senses ...

Silent Radio, A New Entertinment Concept
There is nothing new under the sun but technological overkill demands people keep trying to come up with new ideas. Which is exactly what one inexperienced presenter did while broadcasting a show about paranormal activity from a medieval castle.

Never Let Me Go - movie review
Pupils at the exclusive boarding school named Halsham seem to be rather quiet and subdued at an age when we would expect young people to be far more boisterous. When we learn the school's terrible secret we understand why.

Eurobonds: Politicians See The Light It looks as if somebody has at last shone a light bright enough to illuminate the global government scam that is behind the european single currency eurozone debt crisis

Oh Brave New World While the social breakdowns observed in the west in recent decades and the increasing separation of the wealthy and the academic and professional elites from the great mass of people are most often compared to the Big Brother regime and the system of oligarchic collectivism portrayed in Orwell's novel 1984, there are further, equally sinister parallels to be found with Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, another prophetic fiction foretelling a dystopian society under a disengaged, authoritarian regime.
">World Bank Chief Warns Golbal Economy Is Entering A New Danger Zone
World Bank chief Robert Zoellick on Saturday warned of a "new and more dangerous" time in the global economy, as Europe (Chicago Options: ^REURTRUSD - news) struggles to resolve its debt crisis.
Zoellick said the eurozone's sovereign debt issues were more troubling than ...

The Thought Police Are Coming To A Town Near You
America's two centres of progressive liberal politically correct thinking, New York and California seem to be having a contest to pass the crziest, most repressive laws. Recently California gave goldfish civil right, in a retaliatory move New York is arresting people for eating do - nuts. Well, for what they might be thinking while eating do - nuts.

Concensus on the causes of last week's riots
I saw a revealing post on The Liberal Conspiracy blog, the web home of UK neo Nazi leftie fuckwits, which summarises what comment writers in the press think are to blame for the recent riots. It's an interesting list, obviously it was posted with the intention of winding up Liberal Conspiracy's following of leftie dopeheads, cokeheads, crackheads, dickheads and fuckwits for their daily ...

Eurogeddon Postponed Termporarily Due To Financal Conjuring Tricks
The Daily Stirrer brings you opinion and comment on issues in the news that are likely to affect the lives of ordinary people. We therefore focus on economic matters, prices and inflation, jobs and unemployment, health, diet, education and social comment. Our contributors are old gits who are prepared to say what everybody is thinking.
Below our finance expert John de Roe analyses the latest bureaucratic scam that claims to have saved the European single currency but in reality is only another attempt to scam German taxpayers.
The Real Cause Of The Riots: Moral deficiency led by politically correct thinking. Oh so very predictably the left were quick to try to blame 'poverty' for the outbreak of rioting, arson, violence and general lawlessness that has soiled our British summer. Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman aka Little Hattie Harperson even tried to claim the trouble was triggered by the coalition governments decision to increase university tuition fees. That is daft even by Hattie's usual impeccable standard of stupidity.

Climate Scientists versus Free Speech and Freedom Of Information This week four groups, whose boards represent a distinctly liberal world view and who oppose scrutiny of taxpayer-funded science by academics, asked the University of Virginia to disregard its agreement before the court with American Tradition Institute to provide the records of former climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann, which belong to the public. The groups, led by the far-left Union of ....

Riots Expose The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of The Left
The rioting in London and other UK cities in Agust 2011 and the attempts of left wing politicians to pass it off as poliyically inspired protest when it is in fact pure criminality has exposed the intellectual bankruptcy of that politicallt fringe group that likes to style itself the Progressive Left or Progressive Liberals. In fact there is nothing at all progressive about them and the left they claim is the authoritarian left of Stalin and Mao Tse Tung ...

Sick Society Or Sick System David Cameron today blamed the rioting and looting that has spread around the country over the past few days on 'a sick society.' The Daily Stirrer's View is there is little wrong with 'society that a couple of aspirins and a day off would not put right. The sickness lies in the system by which our lives are governed ... and by this we do not mean Parliament and the government. The whole system is sick from the top, the cabinet ministers, senior civil servants and Captains of Thievery Industry and business, down to the jobsworths who are too eager to enforce petty and pointless regulations and far too reluctant to ...

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In this section we do not necessarily support the views expressed in linked articles but try to give a coss section of interesting and well written articles that we think are likely to stir things up a bit.

(A random and ecletic mix of what we thought was worth reading recently)

Barack Obama Is Powrless He Might As Well Stay On The Beach
The first I knew of President Obama’s decision to holiday on Martha’s Vineyard for a third successive year was when the car rental folk told me that all they had for August were SUVs at a thousand dollars a week, his entourage having bagged the rest. We’ve been coming here, off and on, since American friends introduced us to the island during a sabbatical year at next-door Harvard. I imagine that Obama comes, like Bill Clinton before him, because it seems ...

Evil As A Common Goal
Fifty years ago, in August 1961, social psychologist Stanley Milgram conducted an experiment that changed our understanding of the human propensity for evil for ever. Participants were invited into his laboratory at Yale, supposedly for a study looking at the effects of ...

Why we need a moral panic over last week's riots by Ed West, Daily Telegraph
The Economist’s Bagehot suggests that we shouldn’t get our knickers in a twist about the riots, quoting previous examples of moral panic about social disorder, crime and youth culture to show that last week’s events are nothing new. He cites articles about “young delinquents” in 1913, 1956 headlines about “rock’n’roll babies” and even reports from 1815,…

I'm Entitled # 2
Under the European Convention for Human Rights, these as written, are the fundamental ones you and I are entitled to. They mainly come from legislation that began in the United Kingdom. We invented Human Rights. However, our judiciary are hideously guilty of misinterpreting those rights. It really does ...

Starkey, Racism and The Underclass
Anyone who has met a white working-class lad or lass aged between 11 and 19 will know that David Starkey had a point when he said, rather crudely, that white chavs “have become black”. One of the curiosities of the gym that I go to in Lambeth in South London is that all the white…

Bisin Makes Burgers That Never Go Off
Let me introduce you to bisin. No, not a herd of cattle (spelling, guys!). This is a magic ingredient, that will, it is claimed keep food “fresh” for months, years even. Never heard of it? You’re not the only one. It’s a substance so new that it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Bisin was discovered…

Obama The Most Unpopular President Ever?
Gallup’s latest numbers are a real eye-opener. The polling company now has Barack Obama’s approval rating at just 39 percent, the lowest level of his presidency, and down 13 percentage points since the start of June. Gallup finds that 54 percent of Americans now disapprove of the president’s job performance. And according to the RealClear…
Are PCs becoming obsolete
On the 30th anniversary of a key computer, the era of the PC is coming to an end, according to one of the IBM designers who worked on the first model

Cameron's Speech On Riots Focuses On Responsibility
With parliament recalled from recess, David Cameron stood at the despatch box to stamp out a crisis. Cameron's statement went on for almost three hours today but set the right tone of repugnance at recent events combined with a determiniation to tackle the decay in social values. To be fair Ed Milliband's response was equally sober and on target and free from any hint of the political points scoring we associate with politicians in opposition.

Riots: Left and Right look for simple answers
It’s the welfare state! It’s the cuts! It’s Labour subsidising single mothers! It’s Thatcher undermining society! It’s Left, it’s Right, it’s liberal intelligentsia, it’s conservative callousness, it’s Their Fault, it’s Their Fault, it’s Their Fault. Humanity is a tribal species, and it’s entirely natural that we lump ourselves into groups. Our brains are evolved organs, and…

The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of The Progressive Left
Last night’s high-octane encounter between Harriet Harman and Michael Gove is well worth watching. Not just as a piece of political theatre, but because of what it says about the “progressive” Left. Harriet is someone clearly able to handle a high level of cognitive dissonance. Someone who who says “the government must insist on…

Green Sprouts On Drought
Climate: WG2 Duncan Green is head of research at Oxfam GB and has written an article exploring the question of whether the drought in the Horn of Africa is caused by climate change. The article is here and an edited version appears at the Guardian. I'm sure that comment will be ...
[ World Water Problem]

Eurogeddon Postponed Again
Euroggedon is postponed again. Jean-Claude Trichet has saved civilization. There will not be a spiralling bond crisis in Italy and Spain in early August after all. An imminent disintegration of Europe’s financial system has been averted. On balance, this is good, though not optimal. (Lancing the boil immediately by organising an orderly German exit from EMU would be better: it would halt the ...

In this grave crisis, the world’s leaders are terrifyingly out of their depth By Peter Oborne The Daily Telegraph
Certain years have gone down in history as great global turning points, after which nothing was remotely the same: 1914, 1929, 1939, 1989. Now it looks horribly plausible that 2011 will join their number. The very grave financial crisis that has hung over Europe ever since the banking collapse of three …
[ The debt threat to civilisation

The heart miracle scam revisited Velvet glove, Iron fist blog
One of the more blatant scientific scams of recent years has been the heart miracle phenomenon, in which tobacco control campaigners create studies showing a dramatic fall in heart attacks after smoking bans. It began when Stanton Glantz of Americans for Nonsmokers' Right announced the 'Helena miracle' in 2003, claiming a 60% drop in heart attacks after the ...

The dawning of a new age - Raewald There are two cogent opinion pieces, both in the Telegraph, this morning that usefully summarise where we are. Peter Oborne catalogues the reasons for our dilemma and the failure of an adequate political response whilst Janet Daley reasons that State (or Super State) engineered redistribution of wealth has virtually killed ...

Keep Repeating The Lie And It Will Become The Truth Shortly after the inauguration in 2009, Rham Emmanuel uttered what has come to be regarded as one of the signature lines of the Obama administration: “You never want to let a good crisis go to waste, because you have a chance to make things the way that you want them to be.” Spoken like a good, solid Democratic Socialist. Castro would’ve been proud. Well, we certainly have a legitimate crisis in front of us ...

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